Des Grands Thés bio et éthiques, des voyages et des rencontres…

Arlette Rohmer, fondatrice des Jardins de Gaïa

Our commitments

In France…

« We have always upheld the strong values which are close to our hearts and which have guided us throughout the development of our company.

These are the values that have driven us forward in the organic market, along with the great loyalty and trust of our customers, enabling us to make a difference in the countries where our tea is produced.

These are the values that impel us to be responsible and caring towards the planet and mankind, both in France and abroad.

These are the values that make us want to go further, to defend and fight for them, to push the limits, to go beyond certifications and specifications, and think constantly of local and global solutions. »

Arlette Rohmer, founder of Les Jardins de Gaïa.

Our Values

We promote local employment and jobs in rural areas, notably by humanising our production as much as possible. So, our teas are flavoured and packaged by hand, by a team of more than 30 full-time employees.

We work with local contractors and like to keep all work in-house throughout the production process.

We encourage the employment of disadvantaged people by working with ESAT (a workbased enterprise which employs disabled people), who process some of our teas and tisanes.

We promote craftsmanship and working »by hand » so the tea leaves are processed with the utmost care.

We promote quality and diversity of products.

We spread the word about organic, biodynamic, fair trade and support for small producers.

We support a network of associations both locally and nationally, by creating partnerships: Zone 51, the LPO, Kokopelli, the Amanins agroecology centre, L’Avide Jardin festival, the Décibulles festival, the Marckolswing festival, sports associations, etc.

We welcome artists from different fields (photography, painting, ceramics, etc.) to the Tea House: Gaby Kretz, Claire Xuan, etc.

We decided to offset carbon emissions because the teas grow far from Europe and have to be transported from far away. We privilege sea transportation for all imports (except for the rare Darjeeling First Flush teas that must be sold immediately after harvest).

Colibris, the Movement for the Earth and Humanism

All our commitments stem from a desire for coherence between our business activity and the basics of life. We share this desire with Colibris, the Movement for the Earth and Humanism, which was set up by the author and philosopher Pierre Rabhi.

A recognised international expert in the fight against desertification, Pierre Rabhi is one of the pioneers of ecological agriculture in France. Since 1981, he has been using his expertise in Africa seeking to restore food autonomy to the poor and safeguard their foodgrowing heritage.

Rabhi calls for an « insurrection of consciences » to bring together what is best in humanity and stop making our beautiful planet a hell of suffering and destruction. Faced with the deterioration of the human condition and the considerable damage inflicted on Nature, he invites us to put an end to the myth of indefinite growth, realise the vital importance of Mother Earth and usher in a new ethic of what he calls a « happy sobriety ».

To be a Colibris company is to reflect, swap ideas with and work with other entrepreneurs, citizens and politicians in a bid to:

• Move towards a society where Man and Nature are the main priorities.

• Encourage the emergence and the embodiment of new social models based on autonomy, ecology and humanism.


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