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Arlette Rohmer, fondatrice des Jardins de Gaïa

With the fairies: a delicious caffeine-free drink for children

One day we had the idea of creating a rooibos for our « little elves » and other little munchkins. Basically we wanted to make a caffeine-free drink specially for children, but one which would also appeal to adults, like any good fruity recipe. Since then, With the fairies has become one of our iconic creations.

A herbal tea with sweet and fruity flavours thanks to its strawberry-vanilla pairing

With its delicious, incomparable duo of vanilla-strawberry flavours that unfold with the sweetness and the distinctive colour of rooibos, we knew it would be a sure-fire success. The rooibos which forms the base of this delicious recipe, is fair trade and organic, harvested in South Africa in the Wupperthal-Heiveld cooperative, our partner producer for many years. Children obviously love it, but parents also come back for  more… Free of theine and noted for its antioxidant properties, it can be drunk at any time of the day. Everyone loves it whether drunk hot or as an iced tea version!

An infusion inspired by the world of tales and legends

When you know that Arlette Rohmer, the founder of Jardins de Gaïa, particularly likes walking through the legendary Paimpont forest in Brittany (Brocéliande) where the elves have sometimes played tricks on her, and that before she set up Jardins de Gaïa, she worked in a bookshop selling comics and children’s literature, this nod to the little people is not really surprising. The result is an elixir straight out of a fairytale which, from the first sip, is like opening a door to a world of dreams and the secret whispers of our childish souls …

Recipe ideas for rooibos: discover two caffeine-free homemade iced tea recipes

How to make iced tea in an instant at home?

Boil half a litre of water and infuse 3 tablespoons of With the fairies in a tea filter following the infusion time indicated on the packaging (5 to 10 minutes for a rooibos) then strain. Pour the infusion into a jug filled with ice cubes. And there you have it: a delicious iced rooibos!

How to make a more intensely flavoured iced tea without using a kettle?

The night before, put 3 tablespoons (about 12 grams) of With the fairies in a litre of cold water, leave to infuse for at least 5 hours in the refrigerator, ideally leave it overnight. And there you have a perfect refreshing drink for sunny days!

Would you like to try this drink for all the family? Find our With the fairies rooibos with strawberry vanilla flavours in our online store in sachets and 100 g tubes, and in 500 g and 1 kg bulk bags!

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