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‘Peace, Love & Tea’: a tea cake full of promise!

This commemorative pu’er tea cake, ‘Peace, Love & Tea’, was specially created to mark our 25th anniversary and it’s exceptional in more ways than one. Its name is a reference to all the people we’ve met and the wonderful moments we’ve shared together along the tea trail.

Picked from the ancient tea trees in Lincang (home of the Wa ethnic group)

When we explained our project to our partner-producer and long-time friends, they immediately offered to create this limited edition for us from a harvest in the Lincang area that occurred in the spring of 2018, before the festival of light (清明節, Qingmíng jié).

This harvest period is simply the finest of the year and is the source of the most prestigious Chinese green tea (Mingqian).

So this is a tea cake of rare pu’er we had pressed for us and the fact that it is sold unfermented, unlike the majority of pu’er available on the French market, adds to its exceptional character. Aficionados will love it…

It is therefore not a dark tea per se, but rather a raw tea similar to green tea with an aromatic bouquet characterised by elegant, fruity flavours with prominent aspects of the soil in which it is grown. This is the type of pu’er which is drunk in Yunnan and which is now increasingly popular over here.

Raw pu’er sheng ‘Peace, Love & Tea’ tea cake

This young pu’er can be drunk straightaway to appreciate its very sweet flavour and gourmet notes of apricot jam. But it can also be laid down for later or be tasted as it evolves and, like a good wine, its aromatic palette will gradually mature, slowly developing the famous tertiary flavours that are generally expected from dark teas.

However, care must be taken to keep this precious vintage tea cake in its original paper, designed so that it can “breathe” and “ripen” in peace.

You will have gathered that this ‘Peace, Love & Tea’ tea cake is a collector’s item and will undoubtedly be talked about in years to come.

It’s a small investment that a few of us here at Les Jardins de Gaïa have made… 😉

Écrit par Les Jardins de Gaïa

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