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Arlette Rohmer, fondatrice des Jardins de Gaïa

Our CSR policy

Environmental and social issues are very much in the news at the moment with subjects such as global warming and the increase in the cost of energy and raw materials, etc. At Jardins de Gaïa, we have always been aware that these problems would become increasingly pressing if we did not act quickly. These are values that have been part of our DNA for over 27 years and CSR  (Corporate Social Responsibility), which has been highlighted by the media for only a few short years, was already part of our internal and external commitments.

It is rooted in everything we do every day, supported by an enterprising management and a team of 85 committed employees. This is how we we earned our label from  Labellisée Bioentreprise Durable® in 2018.

How is this commitment reflected on a daily basis, at our workshops in France and with our partners in the countries where tea is grown around the world? To answer this question, we are publishing our CSR Report 2018/2020 listing everything we have been doing based on six pillars: governance, human resources, quality, adherence to fair trade practice, the environment and local roots. To give you an overview, here are the key points.

OUR VISION? “Working with respect for Mankind and the Earth for a fairer life and a peaceful future”

The management committee of Jardins de Gaïa

As organic farming becomes more widespread, we are keen to champion organic produce that is true to its name, that is of a consistently high standard and that meets the demands of customers who are first and foremost citizens increasingly concerned about a common future.

Pillar n°1: the governance of the organization

  • Ensuring the economic sustainability of the company as an independent, family-run, artisanal SME.
  • Involving stakeholders through consultation, dialogue and communication
  • Communicating internally and externally and constantly improving

Pillar n°2: human resources

  • Creating jobs: a challenge we rise to every day by giving jobs to young people
  • Stimulating a desire to learn, to inspire teams and give deeper meaning to each person’s function/mission
  • Cultivating well-being at work with a proper work/life balance

Pillar n°3:  quality

  • Guaranteeing the quality of products with rigorous checks and regular awards
  • Improving our quality policy all the time with product and system certifications
  • Satisfying our clients completely

Pillar n°4: adherence to fair trade practices

  • Maintaining strong and long-lasting relationships with our partner producers be they new ones or old ones
  • Increasing the impact of purchases by supporting producer organisations and diversification
  • Being loyal and transparent to our customers by strengthening our presence in the field

Pillar n°5: the environment

  • Preserving biodiversity, in France through environmental impact analysis, and in our ranges in partnership with producers
  • Reducing our energy consumption (100% renewable) and waste (100% recyclable)
  • Making innovative choices in environmental matters: eco-design for 27 years and, upcycling.

Pillar n°6: local roots

  • Teaching and sharing our organic and fair trade values, with schools, the general public decision makers etc
  • Passing on our passion at the Tea House, trade shows, with the Tea School, open days etc
  • Supporting meaningful projects and going above and beyond that by setting up The Jardins de Gaïa endowment fund (2020)

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Écrit par Les Jardins de Gaïa

Pionniers sur le marché des thés et tisanes bio et équitables, Les Jardins de Gaïa proposent, depuis 1994, des grands crus nature, des classiques et des créations maison originales. Privilégiant les petits producteurs et les récoltes manuelles, ils ont développé au fil des années une gamme généreuse et variée de thés, rooibos et tisanes aux qualités gustatives reconnues, ainsi qu’une gamme d’épices bio et prémiums proposée sous la marque Terra Madre. Tel un jardin épanoui, la force des Jardins de Gaïa tient dans la diversité des terroirs et l’engagement des hommes qui la travaillent…

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