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Gift ideas: for all tastes and all budgets...

If you’re looking for inspiration for Christmas gifts then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve picked out some great present ideas for loved ones, friends, work colleagues etc.

Whether its teas, herbal teas, incense, books or accessories, there’s something to suit all tastes and most importantly all budgets, with three price brackets, starting at less than €20.

Follow the guide…

Gift ideas for less than €20

Whether it’s an incense holder made in Japan, with a delicate plum blossom design, that comes in a set with Yuzu incense (€16.80), or our prestigious p’uer tea cake (Peace Love & Tea) which improves with age (€19.90) or our Christmas gift box (€13.70) containing two of our best-sellers…, you’ll find lots of gift ideas for under €20.

An affordable way to treat yourself or someone else.

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Gift ideas for less than €50

There are lots of gift packs for under €50, starting with our natural wooden box of pre-selected teabags or with your own selection. An excellent choice those who enjoy a cup of tea or herbal tea on the go…

To embark on a journey of scents and flavours, there are tasting gift packs containing a selection of our finest teas and infusions. Our Jingdezhen teapots, produced specially for us in the historic centre of Chinese porcelain manufacturing, will delight lovers of simple, elegant and high-quality teapots (prices from €44.50 to €47.70). Finally, there are cups, such as Yunomi’s « Happy cat » set (€48.40) that any cat lover would be delighted to receive, books on subjects close to our hearts, and of course our matcha box (€34.90) which introduces the art of making whipped Japanese green tea, all of which come in at under €50.

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Gift ideas for over €50

Here, we have a delightful selection of high-end products starting with our Yixing teapots, made specially for us at the famous Chinese production centre using the legendary clay which gives these teapots their special qualities. Take the Lady Xishi zini teapot (€139.90) for example, with its perfectly balanced proportions and its 25cl capacity, ideal for preparing a tea like our prestigious Venerable Wu Long (€62.60) or a pu’er for several people.

Also part of our range of artisanal teapots, but with a more unusual design, our shiboridashi teapot and cooling pot made by the famous Japanese potter Sawa Houzan (€85.00) will delight connoisseurs of green teas and those who love beautiful and easy-to-use accessories.

Finally, in this price range, our cast iron teapots from the great Japanese manufacturer Iwachu are hard to resist. These are functional, high quality and often brightly coloured tea accessories, such as the Mayu design, which is really superb with its intense red livery (€118.80).

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You can’t go wrong with an e-gift card

If you are not sure what to buy, why not consider an e-gift card which is always a safe bet. Its value is at your discretion and the person who receives it can buy what they want on our site or in our shops.

Écrit par Les Jardins de Gaïa

Pionniers sur le marché des thés et tisanes bio et équitables, Les Jardins de Gaïa proposent, depuis 1994, des grands crus nature, des classiques et des créations maison originales. Privilégiant les petits producteurs et les récoltes manuelles, ils ont développé au fil des années une gamme généreuse et variée de thés, rooibos et tisanes aux qualités gustatives reconnues, ainsi qu’une gamme d’épices bio et prémiums proposée sous la marque Terra Madre. Tel un jardin épanoui, la force des Jardins de Gaïa tient dans la diversité des terroirs et l’engagement des hommes qui la travaillent…

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