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“A garden under the moon”, a delicious biodynamic green tea

A garden under the moon, our in-house recipe for organic green tea flavoured with holy basil and cardamom, is a nod to the moon which has considerable influence on plant health.  Traditional methods of farming both at home and abroad have always taken into account the moon’s interaction with our planet.

A deliciously fruity and spicy recipe

This recipe with a springtime flavour from our Militant range has a base of green tea with some daring and harmonious additions combining the spicy and bewitching spirit of holy basil and cardamom with the deliciously suave, sweet notes of mandarin.

Each of these plants, grown with great care and certified Fair Trade, organic and/or Biodynamic, gives the brew a health-giving vitality, which reminds us that by taking care of the planet we are taking care of ourselves.

An original tea that supports the agriculture of the future

Developed to support the Biodynapis project with its aim of putting a beehive on every farm, and initiated by Biodynamie Recherche (formerly Les Amis de la Biodynamie), this “militant recipe » works to support those striving to protect bees and biodiversity.

This project aims to put bees back in their rightful place, as valuable aides to the growing process and nature’s “alert system”, without which pollination and the balance of life would be permanently compromised.

The Biodynapis project is made up of beekeepers, farmers, researchers and organisations who set up experimental beehives designed to better meet the needs of bees (for queen rearing, multiplication of colonies, treatment against diseases etc).

How to prepare this flavoured organic green tea?

As with any hot drink, the way you prepare it is key!

First of all, make sure you heat the water to the right temperature so as not to scald the tea leaves: in this case 85°C. Prepare your tea filter or tea ball: allow 2 grams per 25cl cup, or a heaped teaspoon. You can use a porcelain teapot (recommended), a glass teapot or a cast iron teapot.

Leave to brew for time indicated on the bag or the tube: infuse for three minutes. Take care, because brewing for longer will develop a bitter taste. Stop the infusion by removing the tea filter or tea ball.

Pour into cups and it’s ready to drink!

You can also learn how to prepare a homemade iced tea version by following the different methods outlined in our article on the subject


Tip: you can also cook with tea to tickle the tastebuds of your guests, check out our recipe for crème brulée with  « A garden under the moon »  green tea here! 


Would you like to support the Biodynamie Recherche association by drinking a cup of organic and biodynamic green tea that’s full of flavour? You can find our in-house militant recipe for loose organic green tea flavoured with holy basil and cardamom, “A garden under the moon”, in our online store in 100g eco-designed sachets and reusable metal tubes!

To learn more about the “Les Militants » range of teas and herbal teas developed by Jardins de Gaïa, click here !

Écrit par Les Jardins de Gaïa

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