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Publié le, 14 oct. 2021

2 min de lecture

Maisons & savoir-faire d’excellence

In September 2021, Jardins de Gaïa joined 11 other artisans from the French food industry, for the launch of the "Maisons & Savoir-faire d'Excellence"...

Publié le, 23 sept. 2021

7 min de lecture

New herbal teas: benefits, flavours and an exceptional...

Our six new organic herbal teas are aimed at everyone who wants to take care of their body and soul, while enjoying a delicious drink. Does that sound...

Publié le, 23 sept. 2021

2 min de lecture

Lamb wrap & oriental salad

Perfect for lunch boxes and meals on-the-go, are so many new variations of wrap fillings - anything goes! In this recipe, designed in collaboration with...

Publié le, 23 août 2021

3 min de lecture

What’s the best tea to drink with breakfast?

This is a question we are often asked and since everyone has different tastes, here are a few new ideas that might inspire you to try something different...

Publié le, 23 août 2021

2 min de lecture

Tandoori-style chicken, yoghurt sauce & basmati rice

A classic Indian and Pakistani dish, Tandoori chicken is traditionally cooked in a wood-burning stone oven. In this version, developed in collaboration...

Publié le, 11 août 2021

2 min de lecture

Seitan kebabs & seasonal salad with tahini

The Spicy Texas spice blend is directly inspired by the tradition of American BBQs. A mix of different types of pepper with an oriental touch, it is shown...

Publié le, 30 juil. 2021

2 min de lecture

Dragon's Tail: a Vietnamese tea out of the ordinary

Rewarded in 2021 by a silver medal at the 8th edition of the "Epicures de l’épicerie fine", Dragon's Tail is a tea from northern Vietnam which is distinguished...

Publié le, 12 juil. 2021

2 min de lecture

Beef tagliata with a spicy rub

As a barbecue staple, a first-class prime rib can be enough on its own. And yet, seasoned with Ultimate beef rub, your beef will be even more caramelised ...

Publié le, 12 juil. 2021

2 min de lecture

Grilled aubergines with fresh goat’s cheese

How about putting vegetables centre stage on the barbecue for once? These grilled aubergines with fresh goat cheese and  Sunny Veggie spices are imbued...

Publié le, 29 juin 2021

3 min de lecture

Mocktails with tea, four new recipes to make at home!

What’s the difference between a cocktail and a mocktail? The first contains alcohol, the second is alcohol free, hence the name - it’s sometimes also called...

Publié le, 17 juin 2021

2 min de lecture

Parillada and barbecued vegetable

For those who love barbecued or grilled seafood, we’ve come up with a recipe for seafood Parillada and grilled vegetables in collaboration with  Anthony...

Publié le, 10 juin 2021

4 min de lecture

2021 First Flush Teas

2021 Indian First Flush Teas - (Darjeeling and Dooars) Between the months of March and May, after the first spring rain, comes the longawaited sight of...

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