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Arlette Rohmer, fondatrice des Jardins de Gaïa


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Publié le, 1 déc. 2014

6 min de lecture

Les Jardins de Gaïa - A Unique Adventure in Pursuit...

It all began over a cup of Darjeeling… Twenty years ago Jardins de Gaïa was established with one wonderfully simple idea in mind: to allow people to discover...

Publié le, 31 oct. 2014

2 min de lecture

Tasting notes: Pu’er Maiden

Steeped in history, this tea is famed in the West for its health benefits and changes hands for huge sums of money in China where some vintages are particularly...

Publié le, 22 sept. 2014

3 min de lecture

Fair Trade at Les Jardins de Gaïa

When Arlette Rohmer founded Les Jardins de Gaïa twenty years ago, it was her dream as an ardent campaigner right from the beginning to sell good, organic...

Publié le, 20 juin 2014

1 min de lecture

Twenty candles for Gaïa!

Twenty years of celebrating the love of good quality teas and organic ‘grand crus’. Twenty years of forging relationships with producers from all over...

Publié le, 20 mars 2014

2 min de lecture

Risotto with a twist - with rooibos

You never get fed up of eating risotto! You can eat it in any season and it goes well with so many ingredients. Why not give it a full-flavoured touch...

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