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Publié le, 5 juin 2020

1 min de lecture

Make your own hojicha

Experimenting with roasting your own green tea and turning it into hojicha is a delicious and aromatic experience! You can do this using a small clay stove...

Publié le, 5 juin 2020

5 min de lecture

How to prepare Maté ?

Drunk as a ritual to stay in shape and to put you in a good mood, many people, including well-known sportsmen, swear by maté. This iconic Latin American...

Publié le, 5 juin 2020

8 min de lecture

Eco-design at the heart of our development

At Les Jardins de Gaïa, eco-design and food safety are part and parcel of our commitments: our philosophy has always been to follow through on our approach...

Publié le, 5 juin 2020

1 min de lecture

Green tea pesto-style: why not eating the tea leaves?

Why not try an unusual type of pesto made with infused tea leaves, Les Jardins de Gaïa style, as an aperitif, snack or starter! An essential zero-waste...

Publié le, 29 mai 2020

3 min de lecture

Iced tea cocktails, seven original recipes!

Have you run out of ideas for an original cocktail this summer? Why not try some new ways with iced tea! This summer, we’re suggesting some original cocktail...

Publié le, 20 mai 2020

3 min de lecture

Improving the producers’ lives every day

"This is an aim we share with TPI, our partner in India since 1994 and in this 20th year of Fair Trade Fortnight we look back with them on the major achievements...

Publié le, 6 mai 2020

3 min de lecture

Teas from Taiwan

For connoisseurs of Wu Long, the island of Taiwan sets the standard when it comes to great teas. Dotted with thousands of tea gardens mostly belonging...

Publié le, 20 avr. 2020

7 min de lecture

Health crisis: An update on the situation with our...

As a result of the global lockdown, spring harvests have been severely disrupted this year. We remain in close contact with our producers to ensure that...

Publié le, 9 avr. 2020

2 min de lecture

Iced tea, take the plunge!

Summer days are back. Now’s the time to try homemade iced tea! On its own or with added juice, slices of fruit, flowers and ice cubes, anything goes, but...

Publié le, 24 mars 2020

3 min de lecture

Tea meets chocolate

Melt with delight... Tea and chocolate are made for each other - they have so much in common! The many different places they are grown and the way...

Publié le, 20 mars 2020

1 min de lecture

The company is closed!

Dear customers, The rapid evolution of the exceptional health crisis makes it necessary today to reassess our position. The health of our employees...

Publié le, 17 mars 2020

1 min de lecture

We still serve you!

To all our customers, Les Jardins de Gaïa has always been at your service, offering high quality products which are good for you and good for the earth....

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