Discover our Demeter teas and infusions, which tastefully highlight the work of our partner-producers and their expertise in the field.
There are so many tasty ways to accompany brunch or breakfast that we made for you a special selection of morning teas.
2023 First Flush Teas: choose your destination!
Now you can use demeter-certified spices in your cooking!
Discover our tea accessories!
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Our Selection of the Moment
  1. Dragon Soul Wu Long Organic Wu Long Tea Dragon Soul Wu Long

    Les Rares & Précieux

    Price from €41.20
  2. Herbal Teapot Tea Cups & Bowls Herbal Teapot Glass - Filter and lid - 300 ml
  3. Mambo Mango Organic Green Tea Mambo Mango Mango - Lemon
  4. Napoli Mix - 40 g Organic Spices Napoli Mix - 40 g For Italian Cooking
  5. Persian Love Organic Black Tea Persian Love Mild Smoked Tea - Bergamot

    Les Grands Classiques

    Price from €10.85
  6. Powerful Organic Herbal Tea Powerful Tonic / Mate - Cinnamon - Goji berries

    Les Grands Classiques

    Price from €7.45
  7. Putharjhora Silver Drops Organic White Tea Putharjhora Silver Drops 2023 First Flush

    Les Prémiums

    Price from €17.50
  8. Woodland Magic Organic Rooibos Woodland Magic Blueberry - raspberry flavours

    Les Grands Classiques

    Price from €7.35